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qafships's Journal

Queer As Ships
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Do you love Brian/Justin? Brian/Michael? Temmett? Michael/Ben? Or any other QaF couple, whatever your ship is come here and discuss it.


~Above all else, be respectful to one another. This community is all about having a place for everyone, regardless of ship, to come and discuss who they love on the show. All we ask is that you do so in a respectful manner. Disagree but keep it civil, remember that while we have different ships we all love QaF and that’s what’s really important.

~Do not post an entry with the ‘comments’ feature disabled. This is a community, a forum, a place for everyone to have a voice. Don’t take that voice away from others.

~For courteous reasons please place all S4 and S5 information behind clearly labeled cuts. Some people want to remain spoiler free, let’s not take that choice away from them.

~If you want to post pictures, videos, fictions, icons, articles, whatever. Please do so. We want you to advertise your stuff here. Just place anything large (batches of icons, pictures, stories) behind cuts. It’s polite.

~‘plz do n0t type liek this. itz hard 2 read & understand. k thx’ No, seriously. It makes my head hurt to try and figure out what you’re saying. Just try to use proper English and whole words.

And that’s it folks. As we go along I may add rules but I don’t foresee any problems ^_^

Oh yeah, and sending B/J fluff in the form of fic, pics, icons or vids to your mods; edenmalfoy and paraka will be greated with love and cookies :D